WEEE Recycling And Disposal Services

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WEEE Collection And Recycling

Root Recycle “WEEE Recycling Company” offers super-safe and highly effective WEEE recycling services. It plays an essential role in making your surroundings secure. We are providing eco-friendly electronics recycling and treatment services of redundant IT equipment. Besides, we tend to meet all of your WEEE needs. Our fast WEEE collection is followed by sustainable WEEE waste disposal. Moreover, it successfully avoids environment damaging metals, including lead, mercury, and cadmium, from seeping into the ground. Consequently adding up to the landfill and pollutes water connections.

If you are planning to sell or thinking about to recycle your electricals, you must follow specific WEEE Regulations

Root Recycle takes full responsibility to recycle electronics by collecting any WEEE on the company’s behalf. Additionally, we have designed our schemes and recycling procedures in compliance with the legal requirements. Every step is strategized as mandated by the WEEE Directive. However, we don’t overlook legal obligations imposed by the producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).

If you partner with Root Recycle for WEEE Recycling, we promise to offer:

    • Safe, sustainable & reliable WEEE solutions to recycle electronics
    • Moreover, UK-wide, free of charge collection 
    • 24/7 satellite-tracked trucks for electrical recycling
    • Secure premises for data destruction and electronic recycling
    • A fully licensed WEEE electronics recycling service
    • In addition, a highly trained staff
    • A professional system to lessen the negative environmental impact
    • Disposal of electrical equipment in a safe manner
    • Besides, ISO-Certified services for undesirable electronic waste disposal and data
    • E-disposals backed up with complete documentation
    • Furthermore, cost-effective end-to-end electronic recycling and waste management

Efficient And Reliable WEEE Waste Collection

When it comes to WEEE Recycling, the service providers and the company follows specific legislation imposed by the UK government. These laws must align with your recycling services if you aim to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience. Moreover, the purpose of these laws is to oblige the business in minimizing the harmful impacts on the environment. Our teams reflect years of industrial exposure. Moreover, we have a long history of dealing with a diverse range of problems related to electrical waste recycling. Now, we are well-trained, qualified, and highly skilled in keeping the carbon footprint to the minimum. Besides, we take the cost down for companies.

Recycle your electricals through our electronics recycling services with the WEEE compliance in the UK, regardless of the size of your obsolete items!

Additionally, we keep our teams fully equipped with extensive knowledge about WEEE Regulations to understand commercial or domestic matters better and strategize WEEE-compliant services. Apart from ensuring eco-friendly hazardous waste removal, we commit to offering secure and protected data destruction from keeping your confidential information away from the eyes of hackers and competitors.

We have nationwide teams available for collecting equipment free of cost. Besides, we are passionate about helping the environment and delivering you the customer-focused, most efficient, legalized, and environmentally safe electrical recycling.

How do we create value for you?

Root Recycle boosts the efficiency of electronic waste disposal procedures by providing 100% transparency to the customers. Moreover, with the history of managing Household Waste Recycling Centres, we have the skills and resources to supervise volumes of WEEE concerning the EEE you produce. What’s more? We only implement success-proven ways to help you achieve the targeted recycling rates.

      • Straight word, easy to manage, and full-time transparent pricing strategies
      • Besides, a flexible online system for unproblematic administration
      • 100% guaranteed market competitive price points
      • Lower WEEE treatment rates for bulk purchasing
      • All-time accessible online system 
      • Motivated, hardworking, and compliance team 
      • Providing the containers of the right fit for your waste
      • Moreover, a full asset tracking and audit-trail


Because WEEE decay and leak toxins when dumped in landfills, our earth and water systems get intoxicated. Every piece of electrical waste carries 1%-100% of deadly chemicals breaching the environment’s safety. WEEE-compliant disposal ensures nature’s safety. Besides, if you want to maintain the business reputation, avoid imprisonment, and hefty fines, you should dispose of your electrical waste as per the government laws practiced within Europe.

The electrical goods recycling come with a faster turnaround. If you fail to discard them properly, they will cover tons of functional space and cause harmful metals to release into the environment untreated..

What is Recycling of WEEE 

Recycling of WEEE, being an essential part of the waste & electronic recycling industry, is rapidly growing. It has gained momentum and higher-level importance since the practice of the authentic WEEE Regulations 2006. These regulations were formulated by the WEEE Directive in the UK and are made obligatory. These regulations cater to the requirements of data recovery, equipment reuse, IT recycling, and treatment of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). 

In the UK, WEEE Regulations 2013 got the status of law in 2014, replacing the 2006 Regulations. The best part is that the updated regulations. This upgrade includes an extensive range of IT devices and other electric products that are acceptable for supervision by the WEEE Directive (effective since 2019). Approx. 2 million tonnes of WEEE items are cast away by homes and enterprises in the UK.