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It Asset Disposal

IT Installation | Decommissioning | Relocation

Root Recycle understands the basic practices, rules, and importance of renewing & refreshing IT assets, timely. Keeping the aim of flourishing your business, we offer IT relocation,  installation, and decommissioning services. Moreover, we perform such critical tasks carefully and responsibly to increase the efficiency and performance of your organization by making sure that your devices are up-to-date. With us, you will never have to worry ever again if your information technologies are aligning with your business goals or not.

Now, it is your turn to take advantage of our professional guidance and effective IT solutions. Additionally, we make sure these are cost-effective and practical, solutions, without giving any high-end security threat!

We are proud to have the best team of competent, skilled, and highly qualified technicians that can offer appropriate and feasible solutions by using their expertise. Our excellent quality relocation services are available for individuals as well as businesses regardless of status. We take full responsibility for installing new/updated systems and promise to provide full-time technical and ongoing network support. 

The preventative maintenance for wireless network IT installations ensures maximum security. Additionally, every business needs a streamlined decommissioning strategy, and we can provide you with one systematic approach for efficient management of your final IT upgrading stage.

IT Installation

We have one of the best IT Support Specialists teams for IT installation service– YES, we have a well-trained staff who is always willing to work in close, honest, and fair partnership. Furthermore, we work closely with valued clients to better understand and fulfil their network installation requirements. Root Recycle deals in the wide-ranging installation, including every type of IT hardware. Get ready to be amazed by our exceptional network installation services.

With having Root Recycle as your partner, installing a modernized IT system will never be a challenging task! We have the proper support and expert advice.

We install the desired equipment, whether it is desktop, laptop, IT server, entire networking solution, or audio and visual telecommunication service, without wasting any time. Apart from offering a rapid installation, people appreciate us for offering cost-effective and efficient strategies. We make sure to impress you with our fast, effective, and mess-free services. We ensure to provide every customer with high-level IT assistance during data center relocation.

Enjoy a smooth transition with our flexible and dedicated services!

Give us a call and let us know your free time. We will be at your doorstep to complete hardware installation services either under your management team, or we can have our loyal, talented, and devoted engineers on your way for a memorable experience. While we work on installation, you can concentrate on other business operations

Experienced and Committed Team

Our team has never let us down!

Working untiringly, we have high motivation to help the customers 24/7 throughout the installation process. Besides, the reason behind our fantastic services is our team who manages all projects zealously. Our secondary senior technical and IT business staff ensure to supervise and recheck every phase to lower the risks of future IT complications.

Looking for IT installation advice that fits your business purpose? We are here to help you achieve the maximum benefits out of your IT assets. Furthermore, the best part about our team is their due diligence in planning tailored installation strategies for every company we work with to get the desired outcomes.

Managed It Service

IT Relocation

Our customer-focused IT Relocation services comprise end-to-end solutions, such as risk analysis, backup strategy, rollback plans, implementation, monitoring, IT decommissioning, and finally, the recycling of useless, old, outdated IT assets for organizations of all statuses. We work hard and strive unless your business is back online. Finding experts that can help you in IT equipment relocation is no more your headache. We are only a step away.  

Let Root Recycle take good care of your data center relocation project with comprehensive insurance!

Yes, we are IT specialists who have unparalleled working ethics, supporting the relocation of electronic assets while understanding the possible risks of data security. We have not only flexible but also warranted, cost-saving, and professionally certified services. You can avail our office relocation services within the UK and global-wide. 

What You Can Expect From Root Recycle

A professional and comprehensive risk assessment to safeguard your valuable data and assets

    • Moreover, switch-over procedures to shift from the primary source to the target system as per the customer’s choice
    • A detailed migration overview is basically a checklist for the user to follow during every stage of the server relocation
    • Rollback strategies offering the option of returning to the pre-migration status is relocation A complete backup plan to limit the chances of losing data
    • procedure fails
    • Moreover, careful and secure equipment packing & tagging for stress-free transport

IT Decommission

We aim to deliver safe and fast server/data storage decommissioning from the start till the end. We fully document and analyze every stage, whether we are at the early discovery of hardware assets, at the final approval, or the data erasure phase. Our team guarantees the high-end security and efficiency of the high-value decommissioning procedure through a wide-ranging Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS).

Do you have a small number of assets to be discarded away? Or do you have a heavy amount of IT equipment destined to be decommissioned? We take care of projects of all sizes! Our services are more than being secure. We conduct them in a socially and ethically responsible way.

At every step, you will find our experts right by your side advising you, guiding you, and leading you to make the most out of our efficient and cost-effective decommissioning solution. So why take a risk with other companies when you have us providing fully insured global-level decommissioning strategies at a flexible price point and feasible timeframes.

Data Centre or Office IT Asset Removal process

    1. Inspection of the equipment being decommissioned
    2. De-cabling/disconnecting all cables connected to your IT equipment 
    3. Further, de-racking involves the physical removal of equipment from their racks for secure packing
    4. Racks Removal where racks are removed from the data center
    5. IT disposal reporting after conducting the equipment’s thorough inspection
    6. Lastly, data erasure using Blancco data wiping software