IT Asset Remarketing And Resale Services

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Resale And Remarketing

Root Recycle is proud to have a massive number of satisfied customers. The reason people like doing business with us is our company’s commitment. It is our devotion to take good care of every single IT asset. Besides, our team takes full responsibility throughout the asset management process. With the full support of our Resale & Remarketing process, you can generate high-value revenue. A revenue not from new but from your obscene and unnecessary IT equipment.

In our IT Asset Remarketing Services, we will buy your used IT assets, such as computers, servers, personal electronics, and much more, keeping the process trouble-free, hassle-free, and straightforward for the ease of our valued customers.

We are the company one can rely on from equipment collection to data destruction/removal, from refurbishment to resale or remarket.

Computer remarketing services go hand in hand with our excellent Repair Services and unparalleled ITAD Services. You can expect incredible Total Lifecycle Management of your IT assets from Root recycle. Moreover, you can trust us! Our team’s dedication will never disappoint you in any aspect, whether it is about minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership, boosting the product lifespan, or guaranteeing safe, secure, eco-friendly disposal. Our team is talented enough to make the most out of your redundant equipment. 

Moreover, we sell your devices utilizing a reliable network of well-established channels. Get ready to get the maximum possible value for your depreciated or unwanted electronic equipment. How? Through our E waste remarketing procedures. Root Recycle comes second to none!

Asset Remarketing With Root Recycle – When Your IT Equipment is Ready To Retire!

Years of industry expertise and in-field exposure make us stand out in the ocean of competitive companies. Working with us will get you to receive certified and top-quality IT equipment remarketing. We collect and treat surplus electronic equipment from all sorts of businesses regardless the size. Being acknowledged as a leader in the electronic waste remarketing industry, we work hard and have been maintaining our standards for years.

Further, we aim to minimize the landfill caused by obsolete computers, laptops, PCs, and cell phones, leaving a negative environmental impact. Once our team has monitored your equipment thoroughly to estimate its age, physical condition, appearance, and usefulness, we brainstorm to lay an effective and cost-saving recovery strategy as per the government laws, rules and regulations. We choose what is best for you and your IT equipment resale.

If you are looking for the warranted IT asset recovery & remarketing services to get the maximum ROI, look no further! WE have your back!

Secure & Safe Electrical Waste Remarketing

If you don’t know what factors bring a balance to your business, these are timely IT recycling & computer resale or remarketing. Absolutely cost-effective decisions! However, these are the ultimate ways to enjoy fast & efficient technological upgrades. But the importance of keeping sensitive information away from the hands of hackers and competitors is highly important. 

Understanding the seriousness of personal data, we pledge to offer extensively thorough specialist data protection phases as a component of our IT complete recycling strategies. We ensure to keep your data protected by just not adding a security plan to our server waste remarketing but also prioritizing it. We conduct our tasks under the supervision of high-end security-vetted experts. Moreover, we have not only professionals but also secure facility leaving no table unturned to keep sensitive information safe.

For data removal, we use only certified and high-end data wiping software, and to enforce irretrievability of data, we end this process by data shredding as per the UK government requirements.

The IT Asset Remarketing Process

In our electrical equipment remarketing services, you will get a golden chance to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership. We supremely manage the whole resale and remarketing phase skillfully while making sure that you are staying compliant with regulated information security standards.

  1. Secure collection of your IT Assets from your doorstep by using personal GPS-tracked, 24/7 monitored, and CCTV-fitted trucks driven by dynamic security vetted staff.
  2. Moreover, a full-trail audit is performed by tagging every asset to avoid future complications. it helps formulate a visible online collection portal for full transparency.
  3. Every piece of data is erased, and all identifying markings are wiped away with no chance to be recovered. 
  4. The itemized assets are refurbished and cautiously repaired
  5. For the purpose of cashback, the IT equipment is taken to the market for resale. It is remarketed through trustworthy channels
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Why choose Root Recycle for E-Waste Remarketing?

    • Fast, simple, efficient, and secure PC components remarketing is our mission! 
    • We respect clear communication to move forward with confidence
    • Our staff design a comprehensive reselling strategy keeping the maximum financial returns in mind
    • Our passion for helping your business grow technologically makes us go the extra mile for the customers.
    • We keep environmental accountability in mind from the start till end
    • Timely collection of assets that is also free of cost
    • We promise to provide data eradication/erasure certificates
    • The client will be provided with complete reporting of our services 
    • Get the chance to take advantage of our insightful consultant
    • Have a track record of never compromising on quality and confidentiality
    • We manage a multi-channel marketing system
    • Full compliance with UK and EU law comprising the WEEE Directive, GDPR & Data Protection Act