Secure E-Waste And It Asset Disposal Services

It Asset Disposal

Being one of the industry-leading organizations for providing fully compliant and flexible IT asset disposal services, Root Recycle helps companies carry out their electronic waste disposal with confidence. We are based in the UK. Besides, we are successfully delivering our services all across the globe. We are a well-accredited company that pledges to maximize the money you get for your redundant electronic devices. And we complete our procedure perfectly without increasing your workload. You can utilize this extra income on your upcoming projects. Moreover, numerous global enterprises have benefited from our safe and secure WEEE waste disposal programs.

Root Recycle is a trustworthy partner. A partner you can rely on for the disposal of assets! Moreover, keeping the procedures as straightforward and practically feasible as possible is not our only strength. We also offer environmentally responsible disposal services for businesses nationwide. Above that, we take responsibility for collecting your tons of unnecessary IT equipment using the company’s drivers and vehicles and disposing of them without leaving negative impacts on the environment. 

Our IT experts understand the importance of secure IT asset disposal, and that is why we acknowledge hassle-free services for organizations on an annual basis. Apart from quality and compliance, we support global companies in boosting their financial systems. Furthermore, we do it by selling original yet unwanted or broken technology. You are welcome to enjoy safe PC disposal with us. Additionally, our competent team members promise to mitigate the potential risks throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

The IT Asset Disposal Process

We start with the collection of IT assets from your doorstep. We collect the assets in CCTV and GPS fitted automobiles. Besides, it is free of cost. Secondly, we complete immediate itemization of assets. Our team does it with a distinctive ID for easy tracking. Further, the submission of equipment is completed to secure the processing facility. Now, the separation and sealing of data are done. It helps limit the chances of contamination. Moreover, a certified and secure erasure procedure for Data Destruction is conducted. Lastly, we assign Erasure Certificates automatically with essential details concerning assets.

Adopt An Ecologically Secure IT Equipment Disposal Service With Root Recycle

What differentiates us from other companies offering E-waste disposal services? Our commitment to work hard! Our devotion helps us move towards achieving secure IT disposal without letting anyone harm, pollute, or destroy nature’s beauty. Further, we have collaborated with zealous partners who dispose of IT assets dutifully and ethically. We discard all parts, ensuring that not a single piece of your electronics will add to the landfill. In addition to this, our skilled teams strive to provide environmentally friendly computer disposal services.

Are you willing to cast aside your unused IT because of security, liquidity, or any other reasons? We are here to offer sustainable services.

Secure IT Disposals Of Your End-of-life Electronic Assets

One of our most appreciated features is the implementation of WEEE-compliant recycling phases in a secure facility. Moreover, IT recycling is one of the major steps of IT equipment disposal. With years of expertise and knowledge, we securely dispose and recycle electronic assets. However, protecting data from unwanted breaches and undesirable and unauthorized entries is our forte. While disposal of IT equipment, our team erases every bit of valuable information as per the acclaimed standards.

Kiss goodbye to your worries with Root Recycle because your sensitive data stays yours. Besides, no one can misuse your essential data ever again! 

Circuit Board

Helping You Excel With Our Unparalleled Skills 

We are proud of our expertise in IT Compliance, risk management, and Information Governance. Moreover, the reasons behind our pioneering IT disposal services are our programs scheduled in compliance with the WEEE Recycling Directive and Environmental legislation of the UK, our dedicated teams specialized in ITAD Secure Data Destruction, and our cutting edge machines used for scraping away your needless IT and electrical resources. 

At Root Recycle, we access every asset thoroughly. It helps get an idea about their potential use for the company in the future, whether they will be a good option for remarketing or disposal, redeployment, or donation. Our free quotes come with no obligation to book appointments. IT asset disposal has never been easier. We are offering safe E-waste disposal for:

    • Computers
    • Laptops 
    • TFT’s
    • Monitors
    • Servers
    • Server Racks
    • Phone Systems
    • Mobile Phones
    • DVD
    • CD Drives
    • Hard Drives
    • Networking Equipment

Firstly, for providing the optimum estimate, we need specific information that must include the type of Equipment, Condition, Make & Model, power adapter, Configuration, and Accessories, including ex. Keyboard or mouse. And yes, we don’t charge a penny for assessing the value of your assets, but it doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We do honest work and provide a fair appraisal.

Our Process For IT Asset Disposal

We always start with a detailed physical audit along with assessing the honest market worth of the assets. The audit report must mention equipment’s make, configuration, model, and serial numbers essential for MLA reporting. Further, the next step is very crucial for the disposal of assets as it involves erasing hard drives for security purposes. Apart from erasing, we focus on overwritten Inspection, which helps prepare equipment for redeployment. While keeping the actual value in mind, we auction the assets, giving them to the highest bidder. In the end stages, EPA-compliant recycling & disposal services are performed. Lastly, the title is transferred.

What You Can Expect 

  1. Free of charge Nationwide IT devices collection using our GPS-tracked automobiles for paramount security
  2. Moreover, a tag and barcode for every piece of equipment that has been registered in our system for full audit trail and traceability 
  3. A fair market refund on the qualifying asset
  4. Offer available to book IT disposal service for future all-time accessible through the client portal
  5. Committed, friendly and experienced teams for electronic waste disposal  
  6. Furthermore, free and honest Asset Inventory Reporting
  7. Disposal of computers that cannot be repaired keeping environmental rules and regulations under strict consideration
  8. Fully Flexible disposal Services with Zero Waste Pledge
  9. Complete WEEE and GDPR Accreditation along with other comprehensive certifications 
  10. Technologically advanced Processing Facilities
  11. Use of futuristic data wiping software for erasing sensitive data