Digital Data And Hard Drive Shredding Services

hard drive shredding

Hard Drive Shredding Service

When you have finally decided to move onto data shredding, you will find the name of Root Recycle in the list of one of the most appreciated data shredding services providers.

We are the experts in hard drive shredding. We guarantee to provide certificate proof of data destruction for each hard drive. Besides, we also issue certificates for any other destroyed data-bearing, technological storage asset. Moreover, regardless of what equipment has been shredded, we make sure that your company stays in full compliance with GDPR. And, we also take good care of UK laws. We are proud of our team. They have maintained our quality standards for years. Moreover, they enable us to cater to the shredding needs of all companies.

Apart from quality and compliance, we support global companies in boosting their financial systems. We do it by selling your original yet unwanted or broken technology. You are welcome to enjoy safe PC disposal with Root Cycle! Additionally, our competent team members promise to mitigate the potential risks throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

Full Responsibility For Following Safe, Environmentally Friendly, And Warranted Data Shredding Procedure

Our secure shredding services are for diverse businesses providing us a vast clientele base from Local Authorities to Trusts, from small companies to domestic customers. To avoid any future inconvenience, we formulate fool-proof methods for the complete destruction of sensitive data, whether PC hard disk shredding or mobile hard drive shredding. The most likable feature is the sustainable approach that we have carefully selected for adding zero waste to landfills. 

Professional shredding services comprise of hard drives’ shredding, hole punching, degaussing, or a combination as per the regulated data protection laws. Moreover, in case of different requirements, we are willing to adapt our shredding procedures. Root Recycle aims to deliver fully secure destruction of confidential data. Subsequently, we vouch for the security of personal data! 

Get in contact with our representative to arrange the collection and unrecoverable shredding of your IT devices. We are protecting You, Your Clients, And Our Environment With Confidential Shredding Services. Moreover, we carry out the shredding procedure in secure facilities. And yes, they are verified by a data erasure/destruction certificate.


As we prefer off-site over on-site shredding services, we are accountable for the timely and secure collection of your IT assets. We collect it from the provided address. Moreover, we collect without charging you even a penny. We schedule collections when it is best for you. Above that, we use our satellite-tracked trucks. Moreover, these automobiles have CCTVs for 24/7 monitoring.

No matter if you have tons of material or less, we will collect regardless of the bulk volume. Besides, our team takes every piece into keen observation.


We have devised a way of fulfilling the needs of consumers in an ecologically sound & safe environment. Besides, we never ask you to compromise on quality services or pay extra to enjoy nature-safe services. Besides, security and confidentiality are never sabotaged when it comes to mobile shredding services.


The purpose of shredding hard drives is to get rid of your obscene IT equipment, gain a remarketing value for an unnecessary asset, make more space for keeping updated IT or liquidate your assets for security purposes. One thing is constant, and that is “security maintenance.” It prepares the customers to get efficient and unrivalled value. Clients value us for offering confidential data shredding services in the UK. 


Apart from being safe, the procedure provides privacy and compliance. We do it to offer peace of mind. No more worrying about your data being exploited by the competitors! The complete approach seems to be planned especially to meet up the privacy and confidentiality standards. We plan strategies suitable for all companies. Our plans surely lessen the probability of fraud, litigation, or reputational damage.


Once we have completed our file shredding services, you will be provided with a ‘certificate of eradication/removal and destruction.’ It will confirm that the data has been safely and confidentially cast away.

How does Hard Drive Shredding Work?

Root Recycle is offering a multitude of benefits. On the top are traceability, reliability, competitive pricing, and security. Under the strict monitoring of dedicated and skilled managers, our UK-wide professional shredding services are the ones you can trust.

  1. Optional data transfer with data erasure phase for shifting sensitive or confidential documents to a chosen drive
  2. Moreover, in-depth digital erasure for eradicating every marking, evidence, and even the tiniest piece of information. We make your files inaccessible and unrecoverable!
  3. By using premium-made, sturdy, and heavy-duty data shredders, we tear and crush every physical drive to the shreds.
Secure Data Destruction

What Can You Expect From Our Simple And Effective Hard Drive Shredding Services

    • Flexible and adaptable procedure coupled with friendly customer service
    • Archive destruction professionals 
    • For security purposes, every member is strictly security checked
    • Customer-focused shredding services to fulfill your needs
    • High-end sound and safe data destruction
    • Use of premium quality and the latest data shredders
    • Besides, the collection of assets in the secure personal automobiles
    • Free of cost IT asset collection
    • Licensed waste carrier by the renowned environment agency
    • A data shredding company with leading-edge on-site facilities
    • We exercise all relevant industry standards
    • Zero landfills caused by your shredded assets