On-Site And Off-Site Hard Drive Destruction Service

hard drive destruction

Secure Hard Drive Destruction Service

If you don’t want the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) at your doorstep issuing you a hefty fine, you need to start thinking about investing your time and effort in handling or destroying your old data. It must be done in a perfectly secure way. And, yes, it has to be standard-compliant. Moreover, use professional services for efficient, safe, and quality-guaranteed data destruction (sensitive or personal information).

Root Recycle pledges to provide secure data destruction. We physically destroy your old hard drives, obscene USBs, or other hardware carefully because as long as you have your drives physically intact, your and your client’s confidential information is still vulnerable. Or, it enhances the chances of retrieval. Moreover, our professionally erased data through the utilization of certified erasure software gives peace of mind.

Your Old Technology Can Make Or Break Your Business!

For faster and effortless data destruction services, you need a company like Root Recycle. Our skilled team works closely with your company to better understand the demands of hard drive destruction. We can help you maintain your reputation, effectively. Additionally, we ensure that our destruction services are fully secure. Everyone follows secure data destruction policies. Moreover, Root Recycle possesses all the capabilities and resources to carry out secure hard drive disposal.

Where we use the latest technologies and pioneering machines, our methods are also Government approved and are certified. We guarantee full compliance with IT Governance and information standards.

Secure Hard Disk Destruction Leaving Not A Single Trace To Recover

Root Recycle practices the standard-compliant, strategically & technically proven, contemporary chain of custody protocols for disk destruction. Additionally, we are always ready to take extra steps for our valued clients’ safety. Our services go beyond internationally acknowledged industry standards, ensuring every documentation is now irrecoverable. 

Yes, we offer certified hard drive destruction services like no other company in the UK. Besides, we have space and assets to destruct a wide variety of bulk items.

Our Disk Data Destruction Services Include

  • Data Destruction – degauss, shred or erase 
  • Audit Trail – scanning of device’s serial numbers for the safety record to align the volume or count with the internal asset management
  • In addition, certificates of Data Destruction – data erasure certificates delivered on the same day
  • Removal and recycling of destructed IT devices

Want to learn more about our document destruction services? Get in contact with our quick-to-respond and competent data destruction experts for complete, instant guidance.

Why Choose Root Recycle For Hard-Drive Destruction?

Destruction of electronic media is no longer a daunting task. Why? Because Root Recycle is proud to deliver secure hard drive destruction. We do it while adhering to industry standards and using industrial-grade degaussing equipment. Root Recycle team also provide you with the itemized reporting from the start till end. Irreversible, physical destruction!

Secure Chain of Custody

No one can challenge us on our highly protected hard disk destruction service. Furthermore, our chain of custody protocols supported with end-to-end tracking is what makes us stand out in the market. We have invested in certain factors leaving no table unturned for maximum customer protection.

  • Tamper-proof and locked containers securing information
  • GPS-fitted automobiles for high-time safety in transit
  • Besides, barcode scanning at each touchpoint
  • Secure, monitored warehouses

Get Instant Proof of Protection

We believe in delivering “Certified erasure” services. A procedure where we erase every bit of data securely from computers, laptops, CDs, main servers, storage devices, etc. Moreover, without patented SSD erasure method, we provide the Certificate of Destruction the same day. It lets you confirm that all evidence is responsibly destroyed. The globally certified approaches vouch that your company obliges updated data protection rules, laws, and regulations.

Get ready to receive tamper-proof reporting!

We will save your time

We treasure time, and that is why we offer quick services. Still, it doesn’t mean we ever compromise on quality or let our customers down by providing sub-par, unsafe, and unprofessional hard drive destruction service. We save your time and efforts by collecting your undesired IT assets from your doorstep and asking for no preparation before device collection.

WEEE Compliance

Being a WEEE certified company, we have designed our process keeping the relevant UK and European legislation requirements in mind. Our services are flawlessly planned, following the security codes and industry standards defined by the WEEE directives.

Now, you can destroy hard drive through WEEE Compliant strategies, not worrying about legal issues!

Gone green!

In accordance with the industry’s best practices, Root Recycle is gone green. Our environmentally friendly disk destruction indeed gives our clients and us a competitive edge.

Professional Team & Thorough Processes

Our data destruction specialists spend time gaining expertise through regular training. Besides, as per your business need for security purposes, we can turn your devices into confetti-sized pieces or even into dust. We follow rigorous data destruction methods delivering uncompromised care, quality, and respect.


    1. Open a new or login to the previous account 
    2. Complete registration to keep track of end-of-life IT assets based on codes, models, and quantities
    3. Asset collection in GPS-tracked and secure trucks
    4. Further, collected devices returned to the secure facility manifesting through our safe and eco-friendly processing for zero landfills.
    5. Removal or destruction of media with industrial-grade equipment supported by approved Data Erasure techniques
    6. Moreover. complete documentation provided at the end of the day
    7. Issuance of destruction certificates to the customer as well as uploaded on the portal.
Secure Data Destruction