At RootRecycle, we understand the importance of sustainable waste management. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined process for collecting laptops, ensuring they are handled with care from pickup to disposal.

Back at our facility, the laptops undergo thorough processing. Our team performs data wiping to safeguard customer privacy, tests the devices to assess functionality, and sorts them for potential refurbishment or recycling.

For laptops that are beyond repair or obsolete, we employ environmentally friendly recycling methods. Components are carefully disassembled and sorted, with materials recycled for reuse whenever possible. Any waste generated during the process is managed responsibly, adhering to strict environmental standards.


Laptop collection

RootRecycle proudly offers a comprehensive laptop collection service in Manchester, accepting all types of laptops for responsible disposal. Whether your laptop is old, broken, outdated, or functioning, we’re here to assist you in minimizing electronic waste. Our aim is to refurbish for reuse or recycle each laptop we collect in an environmentally friendly manner.

No matter the brand, model, or condition of your laptop, you can rely on RootRecycle’s careful handling. From MacBooks to Chromebooks, gaming laptops to business laptops, we accept them all. Recognizing the rapid evolution of technology, we provide a convenient solution for recycling surplus devices.

How We Collect laptops

Collection: On the scheduled date, RootRecycle’s trained personnel arrive at the specified location to collect the laptops. They handle the logistics of transportation, ensuring the safe and secure transfer of the devices.

Documentation: During the collection process, RootRecycle maintains detailed documentation, recording essential information such as the number of laptops collected, their specifications, and any relevant details provided by the customer.

Transportation: After collection, the laptops are transported to RootRecycle’s facility using eco-friendly Customers initiate the process by submitting a request for laptop collection through RootRecycle’s online platform by email ( or by contacting their customer service directly ( +44 (0) 800 756 6660).