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Are you looking for safe and secure IT disposal services that must also fit your budget? Do you need to replace your unfunctional IT assets? Root Recycle is available for your help, not only giving affordable and protected services but also eco-friendly. We are disposing of obsolete IT and technical equipment following the certified WEEE procedures. No more risking your business privacy for the sake of recycling! We are assisting businesses to make sustainable choices when it comes to securing IT installation, disposition, replacement, decommissioning, or recycling.

Along with maintaining environmental sustainability, we provide our customers with contemporary services. Our unified, cost-efficient approach begins from the moment you decide you no longer need this piece of equipment. We ensure that no asset is wasted! We prefer reusing or recycling the equipment securely.  Our friendly staff will surely help you understand our disposal, erasure, and recycling procedures better.

We are responsible, and our services are completely traceable, offering transparency to keep you informed at every step. Root Recycle has a team of competent, skilled, and devoted staff that possesses multiple skills and years of experience. Our clients are provided free access to the client portal, where they are welcome to schedule an appointment for future collections. Get in contact with us!

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