At Root Recycle present in Manchester , we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for the responsible disposal of computers and related electronic devices. Our computer collection service is intended to make it simple for both individuals and companies to get rid of old or unwanted computers in an eco-friendly way.
By recycling your computers with Root Recycle, you’re promoting the circular economy by allowing valuable materials to be recovered and used again in new products, while also protecting the environment by avoiding dangerous materials from ending up in landfills.

What we collect

Our goal at Root Recycle is to collect and dispose of computers in an environmentally responsible manner. We can assist you if you need to recycle desktop computers. We handle every device with care, making sure its parts are reused wherever possible and that it is disposed of properly since we care about the sustainability of the environment.


Computer collection In Manchester

Secure Handling: The collection team arrives at the customer’s premises and securely collects the computers. They ensure that all devices are handled with care to prevent damage during transportation.

Data Destruction: If requested by the customer, RootRecycle ensures that any data stored on the computers is securely wiped or destroyed to protect sensitive information.

Reuse: If feasible, RootRecycle may refurbish or repair certain components or entire computers for reuse. This aligns with their commitment to minimizing electronic waste and promoting sustainability.

Coordination: Customers interested in recycling their computers can contact RootRecycle either through their e-mail or by phone to schedule a pickup. Alternatively, they may drop off their devices at designated collection points.

How you can contact us ?

To arrange a pickup, customers who are interested in recycling their pc can reach us at (+44 (0) 800 756 6660) via phone or email ( . Alternatively, they can leave their gadgets at specified locations for pickup.