It might sound unbeleivable but your company’s information can still be accessible to hackers or individuals with a little technology know-how even if you have erased, reformatted, wiped, or degaussed your old hard disks or any other electronic storage drive. Are you thinking how?

The answer is pretty simple: because your storage assets are not physically destroyed. Besides, the intact hard disks tend to keep data that is easy to retrieve making the highly sensitive information recoverable. Now you know, why you must perform an extra step of eco-friendly physical destruction in your hard drive disposal process.

Physical destruction is technically a physical effort and energy solely dedicated to completely destruct the device. It ultimately makes it 100% non-functional, useless, and ineffectual. Further, the most common method for hard drive destruction is shredding.

The mechanical data shredding seems compatible with storage disks or hard drives, cell phones, computers, printers, laptops, and tablets, including every other storage media.

Once you complete backing up your data or transferring your confidential information to a safe location (on-premises, off-premises, clouds, etc.), destroy your hard drive securely. After all, retrieving information from tiny bits of IT equipment is not possible in any way. Root Recycle has HDD destruction services that destroy the source entirely without letting anyone else gain access.

Important Facts You Must Know About Secure Data Shredding

Data shredding is one of the most secure and cost-efficient solutions for getting rid of your obsolete electronic data. There is no doubt in it! It does not matter if data is in hard disks or solid-state drives (SSDs). Confidential shredder works phenomenally on a variety of items.

End-of-life hard drives need professional waste treatment and shredders come second to none. Data shredding, or hard drive shredding, is what you need to make sure that THERE IS NOT A SINGLE CHANCE to recover the information.

So, what is shredding? What does shredding mean?

Disk shredding services are of two major types. First, a process where high-end and certified data shredding software shreds each piece of saved data. Second, a physical process where hard drives are completely shredded, crushed or ground by placing them inside a heavy-duty, industrial shredder.

Moreover, these machines have special manufacturing parts to break electronics. Data shredding is a synonym of hard drive shredding as we prefer complete destruction for peace of mind. Additionally, don’t mistake file shredding with data or hard drive shredding.

Shredding is ideal for keeping your data safe, especially if you run a large data enterprise center or organization with a high-security environment. It’s is not only secure but fast and efficient, too. Moreover a robust shredder precisely breaks down the IT devices into pieces measuring less than 2 millimeters.

Why Is Hard Drive Shredding Considered Important Step in Hard Drive Disposal?

Adding to your surprise, you can never delete your information permanently from old drives, even if you try overwriting existing files. So, the most significant benefit of shredding is secure disposal.

It obliterates all data by damaging the physical components of the storage media devices. No matter how brilliantly you wipe your hard drive, cybercriminals will always find a way to pull through some information. Whereas hard drive shredding permanently abolishes the hard drive.

Moreover, this hard drive disposal option is economical. However, shredders are comparatively expensive machines. Being a cheaper method, hard disk disposal service saves your money along with time and effort. And remember, the bigger your project is or the more storage drives you to have to shred, the less it will cost. And the best part is, it is one-time destruction or one-step data removal project.

Are There Any Cons of Shredding Storage Media?

You can never reuse or remarket the drives

Industrial and commercial-grade, heavy-duty data shredders are pricey, ranging between £10,000 to £25,000

Partnering with a not-so-reliable shredding company for off-site hard disk shredding puts your data at risk of breach and ensures no secure shredding services.

Shredding is a rigorous process with the possibility of causing injury

It produces certain toxins and releases poisonous chemical waste into the environment playing a role in health issues.

Any merchandise cannot operate hard drive shredders. You need technical know-how and a thorough understanding to run the machine safely.

How Is Data Shredding Performed Inside The Processing Facility

First of all, all hard drives are safely collected from the source. The source can be any individual or home, enterprise, recycling shop, or IT company. The collection takes place under strict supervision of the skilled managers. It ensures complete transparency. Continuing the method, the collected and tagged assets are delivered to the site for shredding. The industrial data shredders come with flat incline belts.

The professionals place your assets on the belts to pass them through the blades.

What is data shredding

Besides, they typically work on a blend of low speed and high torque. Material handling tools can include front-end loaders, drop-bottom containers, grappling devices, and forklifts.

Once the material is passed through the shredder, the knives chop the hard drives to minuscule bits. If you think fragments are still recoverable, pass the shredded waste for a second round. You can also use a granulator instead. It is beneficial for facilitating the deliverance of recyclable materials. Sizing screens for slicing the assets deliver a uniformly shredded product.

As soon as the shredding process completes, you will receive a certificate of destruction. Moreover, the certificate will outline the chain of custody along with shredding details. It will also include what, how, when, and where you demolish your hard drives. No detail will be left. Additionally, consider it proof of your legal compliance.

A Reputable Hard Drive Shredding Company

Root Recycle feels pride to offer certified, auditable, and secure data shredding services – tearing every component apart responsibly. Besides, we are the modern experts of destroying your assets, leaving zero chance of even the tiniest fraction of usable data. Further, no more stressing over the thoughts of getting exploited! We have diligent and well-trained professionals to uphold the highest standards for quality maintenance.