Hard drive destruction is the need of time, considering it an essential act required by every business to protect their customers’ best interests and company’s sensitive data. Companies or individuals usually store personal or confidential information concerning employees, merchants, and business partners in hard drives. Even if you have erased all the business data, talented hackers can still recover information. Professional HDD disposal service helps you get rid of data accurately.

Most Efficient Techniques for Hard Drive Destruction

Talking about hard drive disposal, you get multiple approaches. Furthermore, the question is, “Which method should you pitch in?” Before making a decision, let’s see the best possible options.


On the top of the list is degaussing – a process carried out in an electronic, robust hard drive destruction machine called a degausser. This strong machine works by utilizing powerful magnets to its advantage. When you put hard drives inside the degausser, it uses magnetic forces and scrambles the platter. It makes your data incomprehensible and unrecoverable by altering the magnetic direction of your drives. You cannot do it with any magnet! The equipment is constructed with no ordinary magnets creating no ordinary force. Hence, this professional service completely eliminates data.


  1. For using a degausser, you need a certain level of skill and expertise
  2. Perform the process under close supervision of a skilled worker
  3. Degausser is an expensive machine 
  4. It doesn’t work on SSDs (solid-state drives)

Data Shredding

In case you are not equipped with the necessary skills to operate the degausser, you have the best alternative: hard drive shredding. All you need is to place your hard drives in a shredder, and you will see the platters turning into small pieces. Recovering data from these tiny bits is impossible. You can go for mangling or crushing instead of a hard disk shredder, where you expose your hard drive to the strong blows of air breaking through the encasing of the hard drive. To smash hard drive only needs your energy and one heavy tool. In comparison, it is less expensive but lacks the shredders’ efficiency. 

Hard drive shredders are of two types, the one that cuts the drives and the other that compacts the shredded waste, too. Additionally, it supports easy, quick, and secure hard disk destruction. Absolutely best way to destroy a computer hard drive!


  1. Commercial hard drive shredders and compactors are costly picks
  2. Certain chemically toxic environmental contaminants are released through shredding
  3. Where to shred hard drives? Get in contact with Root Recycle for an efficient hard disk disposal service!


Another preferred method to destroy hard drive is to disintegrate them. If your company’s HARD drives hold tons of highly classified data, you need to abolish the information from scratch. Besides, a disintegrator machine is used that comes equipped with an automated conveyor system and knife. As your hard drive passes through the conveyor, a blade slices them. At the end of the belt, you will only get small pieces impossible to reassemble. But, remember, this machinery seems unfit for office use.


  1. Machines are weighty 
  2. Disintegrators demand specific electrical requirements to run smoothly
  3. The tool necessitates heavy ventilation 
  4. If you want to buy one for professional use in the office, get approval from the federal and state authorities first.

Melting – Fire or Acid

You can melt your hard drives either with acid or heat. It depends on your preference, personal skills, type of drive, and quantity, environment, and available safety.

For acid melting, the hard drives are dipped or completely immersed in hydrochloric and nitric acids to dissolve the platters and housing. On the one hand, it leaves no remains and guarantees 100% secure hard drive destruction. On the other hand, this effective method happens to be fairly dangerous because of direct contact and the release of toxic fumes into the environment. You need protective gear to carry out this process to destroy data on a hard drive.

Now, the question is, “can you burn a hard drive?” Well, technically, yes! You need a blowtorch, a kiln, or a regular bonfire for heat melting. The temperature must be high enough to liquefy your hard drives forever. It is not as effective as an acid because certain metals and magnetic properties demand super high heat that can be hazardous for the environment and challenging for professionals to handle.


Last but not least: get yourself a drilling machine and start putting holes destroying its platter to make information inaccessible. It is done without needing any complex devices. You have several hard drive destroyer options to choose from, such as a hand drill, hammer, or nail gun. Another option is to disassemble the drive manually and then grind or sand the platters’ surface.

Make Use of Multiple Methods

Never play around with information security when it comes to business!

The best advice we can give you is to use more than one method for secure hard drive destruction. Consider it a way of “leaving no stones unturned,” since security and privacy concerns are prevalent. If you want to keep your drives away from hackers’ access, opt for two ideal techniques. The best practice will be erasing the data with erasure software from the hard drives and then shred or melt it.

Hard Drive Destruction with Professionals

Every method comes with its pros and cons. That is why you cannot perform any hard drive destruction techniques without high-class professionals. Root Recycle is ready to serve you the best quality services for maintaining safety, checking if all laws and guidelines are met, ensuring destruction, and minimizing all hazards. You definitely need a certified data destruction company as your partner for disk shredding services, and we are here!

Whether you have opted for data erasure or destruction of hard drives, you will experience security, convenience, and professional HDD destruction service.