If you deal in IT or any other business, you must have tons of obsolete equipment and plenty of hard drives that need instant discarding. That is where shredding comes into play. Shredding is suitable for recycling your old computers, laptops, smartphones, and other electronic essentials in no time. With quality shredders, you will be able to get rid of your hard drives and other storage disks/devices safely and efficiently.

    Hard drive shredding is beneficial for various reasons. For instance, it saves your data from hackers. It destroys your sensitive information from scratch. Shredding done by a data shredding company per the WEEE guidelines makes this choice environmentally friendly. Moreover, shredding hard drive plays a vital role in boosting professional efficiency by uncluttering your workspace.

    Off site Shredding Vs Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

    Coming to its categories, you can have it either onsite or offsite. Most professional shredding companies offer both options. Up to some extent, they are similar, but both differ too much when studied closely. The striking difference lies in the security level of each offer. Regardless of the category, ensure that you partner with a respectable, certified, and trustworthy vendor.

    Now the question is, “which shredding option will go best for your business?” Well, let’s get to know about basic concepts of offsite document shredding and on site shredding service first, along with pros and cons. Then, you can decide.

    Onsite Shredding

    Onsite hard-drive shredding is a procedure where you contact a hard drive shredding company, asking them to come to your place (home, office, warehouse, etc.) and bring their shredders along to destroy the equipment. Usually, the laborers collect all confidential yet unneeded documents in a locked container. Then as per the scheduled day, containers are collected by the vendors, emptying all drives into a shredder.

    To ensure safe disk destruction services, you are welcome to watch the entire shredding process on the truck’s video monitor. This sort of media destruction is the safest pick, as you can see the shredding of the storage disks right in front of you. And, the on-site shredding also happens at your provided location.

    Onsite shredding always follows the strict chain of custody. In the end, you will receive your “Certificate of Destruction.” The certificate of on site shredding service will mention all the essential events that happened during the shredding. It has a date, day, location, company’s name along with their employees’ information, and organization’s obedience with state and federal privacy laws

    Benefits of On site Shredding Services

    One of the most significant advantages of onsite shredding is that it is time-saving. You will see your data getting destroyed within a matter of minutes. Besides, all shredded waste is collected into a secured truck. It leaves only tiny bits behind from which data is irrecoverable.

    Apart from immediate destruction in an industrial shredder, transparency is another profitable feature of onsite hard drive shredding. Shredding happens at your location which means, no data leaves your place. And, you can also see the hard drives destruction with your eyes. Additionally, this procedure happens to be extra simple and straightforward.

    Offsite Shredding

    You can call offsite shredding the plant-based hard drive shredding service as well. It is a process where the shredding of disks takes place in factories or destruction plants. In this type of shredding, the data shredding company representative comes to your location, collects the un-shredded hard drives in secure trucks, takes them to their processing facility, and carries out the shredding services where they turn them into unreconstructable particles.

    Everything in offsite document shredding happens behind their shredding facility locked doors while following the strict chain of custody. The companies collect a Certificate of Destruction once the secure data shredding services complete.

    To some extent, shredding hard drive offsite is a cost-saving option for many organizations. On the one hand, people believe that companies responsible for off-site shredding have all high-end systems available for the protection of discarded drives carrying essential data. On the other hand, off-site hard disk shredding service might put your information at potential risk of disclosure.

    Benefits of Offsite Shredding Service

    Even for small businesses, the plant-based shredding of hard drives is a pretty affordable option. Offsite shredding also provides transparency but is on demand. It is safe but comparatively less than on site hard drive shredding.  The primary advantage is that it leaves no trash behind that needs cleaning. Moreover, offsite shredding will not destruct your location or facility. If you are getting the transfer of ownership paperwork and serial number reports of each drive, nothing can be a safer pick.

    Ways Off-Site Hard Drive Shredding Service Can Put Your Business at Risk

    The hard drives shredding does not take place at your premises but in their own facility. It makes you vulnerable. Your confidential documents are prone to get disclosed. You can never get a 100% guarantee that your data is carefully discarded. All you get is a video to watch the process. But, who knows if the video is showing the truth or not. What if it is tampered or edited?! Moreover, there is a big possibility of your files falling off, misplaced, or being missed by the vendors.

    The vendors get full access to your confidential information during sorting and managing hard drives. Would they ever feel the urge to steal the information for personal or financial gains? Unreliable offsite hard disk shredding companies are capable of exposing your essential data.

    So, what do you think? Which can be a better choice, onsite disk shredding services or offsite shredding? Because both reduce the companies’ burden and expenses of disk destruction services as well as the possible risks of exposing data. No matter what you choose on site hard drive shredding or offsite hard disk shredding service, be sure to work with the NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) AAA Certified shredding provider. The AAA Certification ensures that the hard disk shredding provider has taken care of all the highest security standards and ethical requirements.

    What Can You Do to Care for Your Confidential Information?

    Root Recycle knows all the right tricks, has all the latest tools and chooses all the ideal methods for hard drive shredding or HD shredding. We keep information security our priority during secure data shredding. With us, your data is safe. There is unquestionably no possibility of your documents ending in the wrong hands.