It would not be wrong to say that even in the 21st century, highly advanced smartphones tend to stay usable maximum for 2-3 years. And, then you feel the need to buy a new one leaving old models left unattended. But for how long? For how long will you be willing to keep your old devices in cupboards and drawers destined to gather dust? On the one hand, it is better to keep your mobile phones in homes than simply dumping them in the bins. On the other hand, it is better to recycle phones than collect them.

To recycle old mobile phones is not only a quick but simple method to get rid of your phones and to unclutter your drawers. In fact, it is an excellent idea to encash your unused device without adding it to the landfills. The cash offered on its recycling relies on the device’s condition, usage, manufacturing model, and features of the device. Adding to your surprise, recycling old phones that are damaged or broken is also possible. So, don’t worry if you have a broken screen or cracked charging port.

You must be thinking “how can I recycle my phone?”. At Root Recycle, we have the best tools and software ready to complete the recycling phone procedure with no trouble. Our seamless phone recycle procedures always keep your safety a priority. We have talented teams of experts to carry out every step of disposal of mobile phones with accuracy. Phone recycling for cash is also avaailable at our reliable platform. Recycling old phones is no longer a challenging task!

Bonus: Mobile phone recycling lets the recyclers or recycling companies recover numerous valuable elements, especially precious metals. It probably recover around 75lbs of gold, 35,724lbs of copper, and 772lbs from approx. 1 million mobile recycle completion.

Where do I dispose of old mobile phones?

It might be astonishing, but many companies and online websites offer services to recycle phones and are increasing rapidly. You can find plenty of options, but the most popular are 02 Recycle, Root Recycle, CeX, Mazuma Mobile, and Envirofone.

How Can You Recycle Mobile Phones?

As far as the “how” is concerned, all you have to do for availing mobile recycle services is visit the online site, pick the phone you intend to recycle, and don’t forget to explain the mobile phone’s current condition. We advise you to try multiple sites and stores to have a good comparison. Select the vendor that caters to your needs better. Once you have finalized your deal, time to pack your device in a padded envelope for safety purposes. Parcel it to the chosen store, and you will receive your cash in a matter of days (as per the policy).

    An important step takes place before recycling a phone. That is a decision you need to make whether you need your phone to be resold, repaired, donated, or broken up into parts. The vendors aim to check the phone’s IMEI number for safety purposes.

      There are two possibilities to recycle mobile phones, refurbishing and no refurbishing. In case the phone is not acceptable for refurbishing, the process of mobile recycle usually starts with shredding. Every mobile phone passing through an industrial shredder during the phone recycle procedure turns into tiny bits.

        Once the phone is shredded and comes out from the reprocessing, valuable and useless materials are separated. For separating ferrous metals, strong magnets are a good pick. For non-metallic elements, electronic currents are suitable option. Moreover, near-infrared light and density separation methods are good for sorting plastic. The extracted materials becomes the part of many other items.

          If the phone is good enough to be refurbished, the broken and damaged parts are only fixed or replaced. And, then remarketed in IT shops. A good way to recycle old phones without cash loss.

            Can You Recycle My Phone That Is Already Damaged?

            Now the question is can you recycle broken phones? Or, how to dispose of broken cell phones?

            Well, yes, you can absolutely recycle your broken, tampered, scratched, or damaged mobile phone just like you recycle your used yet undamaged mobiles. The only difference will be in the price. You will find many companies offering phone recycle encashment on your broken mobiles, but with a reduced price tag. Honestly speaking, your condition needs to be perfect. Because the price is downsized even with the tiniest scratch.

            In case of severe damage caused due to water or pressure impact resulting in a non-functional screen, your mobile will not be suitable for encashment but recycling only. Old mobile phone disposal gives maximum benefits when recycled in top-class condition.

            Essential Things to Remember Before You Recycle Old Phones

            It goes without saying but it is worth mentioning again and again that “mobile phones contain tonnes of personal information.” This information must never get accessible to any IT or tech individual.” Moving on to the part where you will ask yourself “how to dispose of old mobile phones?”. To ensure that your data is safe even after recycling your mobile or even if are planning to recycle phone for cash, you need to do the following four things necessarily:

            Remove Your SIM Card from the Phone

            Usually, all critical information such as local addresses, phone numbers, and configuration text messages are saved on a SIM card. Remove such personal data carefully to save them from exploitation. Before sending it to the phone recycle vendors, you better take the SIM out or cut its metal chips with blades to make information irrecoverable.

            Remove Your Memory Card

            Apart from SIM, people tend to save images, documents, videos, and other downloaded items in memory/SD cards. Before disposal of mobile phones, check if you have removed the micro SD cards or formatted them, removing all data.

              Perform A Factory Reset

              Do you want to leave no stones unturned when it comes to the safety of your data during the process to recycle mobile? Always perform a factory reset as it will delete every bit of stored information over the years of use in a matter of minutes. Everything will be removed before recycling old phones. It includes your login information, email IDs, web browser details, or social media account details, so no unknown authority gets his hands on your confidential data.

                Remove The PIN Lock

                The general practice is using a PIN code or lock screen to prevent people from breaking into your mobile phone. And that is why, prior to recycle mobile phones you must removed it. Even if you are phone recycling for cash, you must get rid of your PIN, first.

                  Get Mobile Phone Recycle Services With Safety!

                  What to do with old mobile phones? How to dispose of mobile phones? Root Recycle, your trustworthy partner to recycle mobile, has a aim to assist valued customers in making most for their unusable, old phones. Our skilled members simplify the phone recycle techniques and complete it at a market-competitive price. You are welcome to recycle phone for cash and recycle broken phones, as well, to enjoy unlimited benefits!