It goes without saying that our globalized and tech-savvy society is amidst an environmental crisis. This is when we all must work together and bring a change, making the climate greener. You can play your part by disposing of your IT devices securely and in an environmentally friendly way. IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) is a fundamental part of every equipment’s lifecycle. It demands the company’s time, effort, labor, and resources. But remember, every data-driven organization needs to plan out a coherent lifecycle strategy for efficient hardware asset management. In case of inappropriate, unlawful, and unsafe IT disposal or IT recycling, you will face severe penalties such as data loss and privacy breaches that negatively affect your brand reputation.

So why wait?! Be ready to walk the extra mile for legal, WEEE-compliant, and eco-friendly IT asset disposition. A disposal program comprising recycling, remarketing, and compliant destruction with the guarantee of security and sustainability is what your company needs!

What is IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)?

In simple words, IT asset disposition means “getting rid of retired IT equipment (that can be unused smartphones, obsolete computers, memory, and electronic storage devices, or hard drives) with the help of a third party that takes full responsibility to recycle or dispose of it safely and as per the guidelines/state’s recycling laws.”

Moreover, with the right ITAD partner, you will explore the best practices to ethically discard your unnecessary electronic devices.  The processing of IT hardware usually takes place at the WEEE compliant facility, guaranteeing secure IT equipment disposal. The destroyed devices make up the E-waste or electronic waste. ITAD practices fulfil your organization’s disposal requirements regardless of the purpose and keep you safe from unauthorized data access as well as financial penalties. For disposal of IT equipment, put data security first! Besides, physically destructing your data/hard drives through shredding, burning, or degaussing should be the primary approach to make your information 100% irrecoverable.

Reliable Data Destruction – A Part of ITAD

Whether your device is old, non-functional, broken, or damaged, it might be storing your confidential data somewhere on the storage drives. To ensure that your PCs have all the data removed before computer recycling, ITAD organizations prefer using high-end data erasing processes, mainly the fool-proof data erasure and data shredding software.

Once they have verified the proof of data removal from cybersecurity companies, the assets are destroyed using physical force. You can have your assets drilled, melted, burnt, smashed, mangled, shredded, or liquefied in acids. It brings peace of mind!

When and Why Would You Need IT Equipment Disposal?

Every IT device used in the construction of the data center needs timely repair and upgrade to manage hardware. That is where ITAD comes! Truly speaking, the disposal of assets is beneficial in many ways. On the one hand, it gives an excellent opportunity to chuck out all your IT junk. It will surely save you some time and lots of effort. On the other hand, you can get money in exchange, recycling or selling your old hardware. By encashing in your obsolete IT assets, you will be able to reinvest the money in other resources.

Additionally, the below-mentioned factors are mainly responsible for planning secure IT disposals:

If you want to replace your old device with a new one featuring advanced technology (upgrading)

Exchanging defective items under warranty

If your item is broken or damaged and serves you no use

For trade-ins or sales through online and social media platforms

Returning your IT assets at the completion of the lease

The Process of Electronic Disposal

The most efficient and cost-saving technique for handling your organization’s end-of-life technological assets is clearly “ITD.”

The disposal process starts with de-installation, which is the removal of the chosen assets from the network. The uninstalled devices are collected and tagged. Furthermore, creating a detailed catalog of the tagged assets helps track the progress of each item throughout the procedure.

Tagging is followed by data sanitization. It serves the security purposes. The destruction of every data-bearing drive, disk, and the server needs controlled supervision. Besides, it limits physical injuries and data breaches.

Once done with cleansing data-bearing devices, your ITAD partner will start searching for the most suitable fit for asset remarketing. A respectable ITAD dealer will surely provide an in-depth report on all of your old remarketed devices.

Finally, the last step is computer disposal with secure recycling. This phase is for the unsuitable devices for refurbishing or remarketing.

What a Reliable ITAD Provider Offers?

Secure asset collection

Certified de-processing facility with qualified staff

Mechanical repairing or upgrading of devices if needed

Downstream auditing for data accountability

WEEE regulated recycling

Up-to-date environmental strategies

Reselling outdated equipment or redistributing them to recover a few expenses

Certified data destruction or erasure 

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliant practices

Full transparency in tracking and reporting of recycled assets

Opportunity to get Rid of Out-of-date IT Equipment

Do you need secure recycling services for safe laptop disposal? Or are you fed up with redundant hardware and looking for accredited IT disposal services?

Root Recycle has secure recycling services recognized by the environmental agency. You can reach sustainability goals with our efficient team. That is not all! We also make sure that every bit of the data-carrying component is destroyed carefully and securely.