Our Environmental Accomplishment

Root Recycle “Collects, Erases, Audits, Tests, Refurbishes, Re-uses, Recovers, and Recycles” all of your IT assets. We do it at an affordable price while maintaining the 0% Landfill policy. Besides, we have a fully secured and 24/7 monitored processing facility in the UK. But, we are proudly serving our valued clients all across the globe. We start our electronic recycling procedure by collecting every piece of your unnecessary and obscene IT equipment from your doorstep. Moreover, we collect all assets in GPS-fitted trucks for security.

Further, our dedicated WEEE recycling has the first option of re-use and recycling where appropriate. We prefer recycling because it demands lesser energy and minimizes the environmental impact. Our skilled IT technicians layout a safe and fool-proof plan for discarding assets. Assets are discarded when we find your equipment is broken, unusable for donation, or unfit to be recycled. It helps retain as many precious metals as possible, including silver, aluminium, gold, steel, and copper. Moreover, our team skilfully uses the extracted raw materials in the production of the new products.

  • Glass 15% 15%
  • Plastic 23% 23%
  • Ferrous Metals 32% 32%
  • Non Ferrous Metals 18% 18%
  • Electric Boards 12% 12%

Root Recycle is supporting businesses that are striving for secure IT asset disposition. We do it with your best interests at heart. We are providing companies with the confidence that their private data remains protected. And, we offer data protection while taking steps towards making a planet greener.

We follow best recycling industry practices. Our practices wipe all of your sensitive data and personal information correctly from the devices. Root Recycle guarantees quality in our comprehensive data recycling process by offering a complete audit trail, a fair IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Report, in-depth analysis, and erasure certificates.

Dispose of your no longer needed or no longer functional technology, safely and securely!

What We Offer


Full Audit Trail

Every asset receives a tag and bar code which is logged in our system.

FREE Collections

We offer a free collection service but remain a premium service provider

Client Portal

Our clients have access to our client portal where they can book future collections