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Root Recycle is ready to help you overcome your IT challenges. By IT challenges we meant all problems concerning electronics recycling. Undoubtedly, we implement state-of-the-art IT disposal techniques and use the latest machines. Besides, it helps us offer secure and eco-friendly computer recycling services. We have a 24/7 monitored facility in the UK. That is how we guarantee high-end disposal procedures.

To decrease the chances of contamination in E-waste disposal, we send a fleet of CCTV-fitted and GPS-tracked automobiles. Moreover, these vehicles allow the collection of your unused IT equipment from anywhere in the UK mainland.

Do you need professional support in bringing digital innovation to your organization? Get in contact with our diligent team today. Further, you can learn about our equipment recycling by calling us on +44 (0) 800 756 6660.

Collection Cycle

Secure & Flexible E-Waste Recycling Solutions

Root Recycle provides certified services to upscale your entire IT infrastructure. We do it through optimum IT installation and relocation. Besides, it is not a problem if you are a small-scale or large-scale organization. We promise to provide a customer-focused computer and WEEE recycling service. Additionally, our services work in full compliance with the UK Government laws.

We are a trusted nationwide IT disposal company. However, our team can help you tackle commercial recycling and ITAD requirements.

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IT Installation, Decommissioning, And Relocation

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Hard Disk Shredding

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Hard Drive Destruction

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WEEE Recycling And Disposal

computer recycling

Computer Recycling

computer recycling

IT Asset Disposal

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Step-by-Step Process of Electronic Recycling

Material Composition

First, we separate beneficial and worthless computer parts. Second, the components that are left are shredded. Besides, we complete shredding as per their material composition. Moreover, the material categories include plastic shells, metals, wires, circuit boards, etc.

Now, we move on to the screening techniques. It helps spot any valuable asset helping us save them. Additionally, we use smelting for metal recovery purposes. It helps recover copper, iron, gold, and silver.


The very last step of E-waste management is “reuse.”

We ship plenty of recovered materials. Our team sends material to the related secondary recyclers, manufacturers, or raw material buyers. Basically, it supports additional processing. Moreover, these buyers reuse the materials for the production of new items.


We collect every piece of obscene IT equipment from your doorstep. Moreover, we use fully monitored and secured vehicles for collection. The automobiles have CCTVs and GPS fitted inside for tracking the activity. Besides, it essentially eliminates security threats.

No matter if it is a small amount or a bulk of assets, we will collect. The team takes them to our safe workspace without charging you a penny.


We start sorting as soon as we complete the collection phase. We do it manually as per the item type. It is a vital step in electronic waste disposal. Besides, it must be performed before the assets’ processing and reusing.

We process every asset featuring Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) separately from those that don’t have CRTs. Furthermore, this procedure takes place under the strict supervision of technical experts.

Data Destruction

We extract the essential parts and move to the next step of the electrical waste disposal. And, in the next step, we discard outmoded computers.

The computer collection sites function differently. Basically, it follows the guidelines practiced during collection. Sometimes, the recyclers need to pay the owners of the IT assets. Moreover, in some instances, others receive the payment from the owners for disposal. There is also an exchange option of switching old computers with new ones at a relatively lesser cost. However, it plays a significant role in minimizing the environmental footprint. It also helps retrieve vital assets. the assets that you can use for remanufacturing. Moreover, it encourages the sale of new computers.

Manual Disassembly

The unsuitable computers for second-hand use or the ones that cannot be given a second life are disassembled manually. Our team of experts performs the disassembly. However, the fundamental parts taken apart from the computers are speakers, keyboards, sound and graphic cards, DVD drives, circuit boards, and hard disks, among many other valuable components.

Why do we disassemble part? Because they fail to satisfy refurbishing needs or their enhancive upgrading costs outweigh the reuse benefits.

Test for Potential Reuse

We check computer devices if they are suitable for reusing or not. Upon finding a device that seems operational, in a good physical condition for completing tasks, has non-superannuated parts, or only in need of a minor technological upgrade, are found suitable for upgrading or refurbishing, and then selling or donating.

Moreover, considering their reusability, ornamental IT repairs are made, and all storage drives are wiped off with premium wiping software.

Now, the computers are ready either to be donated or sold. The markets with a high demand for computers are approached for selling.

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Hard Drives
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The Secure & Flexible E-Waste Recycling Solutions

Root Recycle provides optimum and certified services. Our all-inclusive services upscale your entire IT infrastructure through IT installation, IT relocation, and IT decommissioning. Besides, it is not a problem if you are a small-scale business or a large-scale organization. We promise to provide a customer-focused computer recycling service. Our procedures are in full compliance with the UK Government laws.

Being a trusted and much-valued nationwide IT disposal company, our team can help you tackle all your commercial recycling and ITAD requirements.

Electrical Waste Recycling


Computer equipment recycling helps us in several remarkable ways!

One of the significant advantages is the chance to recover precious metals. it also helps retain other vital technological parts from electronics. Besides, recycling promotes us in saving natural resources such as energy. And that is not all! Moreover, it plays a huge role in letting you control pollution. HOW? By letting you add zero landfills. E-waste recycling will be creating jobs for you, too.

It might shock you but as the EPA states, recycling around 1 million laptops can lead to saving the energy corresponding to electricity that can support 3,657 U.S. households straight for a year. Moreover, recycling more or less 1 million mobile phones can help restore 75 pounds gold, 772 pounds silver, 35,274 pounds copper, and 33 pounds palladium.


Electronic waste recycling strengthens its place in the market by providing a feasible opportunity to divert solid waste and sustain zero landfill initiatives. Say no to toxic scrap! On the one hand, it composes a minimum of solid waste. On the other hand, it epitomizes up to 70% of toxic waste.

Useful life

It is pretty shocking and unfortunate that most electronics are dumped in landfills. It leaves only a tiny part of 12.5% of e-waste available for recycling. As the UN research states, more than 41.8 million tons of e-waste were thrown away worldwide. It happens to leave up to 40% of disposals perfectly done. 

Electronics come equipped with plentiful valuable metals. The list of the metals include copper, tin, aluminium, iron, fossil fuels, gold, titanium, and silver. Besides, plastics, metals, and glass are the most recycled and reused material.

Precious metals

Electronic devices have brilliant construction in terms of materials and metals. They come fitted with so many reusable parts containing treasured metals. Old electronics, whether cell phones, modems, or computers, are rewarded with a new, refreshing try on a second life in the recycling marketplace.


We Manage the Total IT Disposal Process


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  • Certified secure data erasure destruction using specialist equipment
  • Free detailed IT Audit
  • Secure CCTV monitored business park
  • Business premises secured with 24 hours monitored alarm and CCTV


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